Walking Through Fire

IMG_9153 2September 15th was one of the most rough nights I have had as a parent. We were camping for my family reunion, and got there pretty late that night. We had been to the camp site no more than 45 minutes when Charlie, my mom, and I were walking back from the bathrooms and heard a child in the distance screaming an awful scream. I was making light of it so as to help Charlie from being too scared at bed time. As we got closer I realized that what I was hearing was my middle child Rienn. She was screaming an awful blood curdling scream I had never heard come out of her before. As soon as I realized that it was my baby, I darted for the camp site as fast as I could. Turns out the poor girl was tired and asked her dad to put her to bed in the tent. When she got up to walk to the tent she tripped, and fell right into the fire. Had Kody not been standing with Rienn at the fire, her burns could have been so much worse.

Thankfully we had my mom with us, so we were able to leave our oldest and our youngest with her at the camp site, and take Rienn to the emergency room. The whole night was just rough, as you can imagine. The drive to the hospital felt like a lifetime as I held Rienn and cried along with her. I knew she was going to be fine, but it is so hard to watch your baby be in so much pain and be able to do nothing to help them, or make it better.

Rienn ended up with what the doctors said were 2nd degree burns on both hands and both wrists, and her shin. After she got all taken care of and bandaged up at the hospital, we got back to the campsite and managed to get her comfortable in the tent, letting her know that once we were up and ready we could take her home rather than camping the rest of the weekend. By the grace of God and through the power of prayer, Rienn slept through the entire night and woke up with the best attitude and in the best mood, and wanted to camp the rest of the weekend rather than go home. In fact, that is how she faced this entire experience. Crying out when she was in pain, yes of course. But her attitude through having bandaged hands that she couldn’t use for weeks, starting her first ever day of preschool with hands still bandaged up, not being able to join her preschool class in swimming lessons every week due to her burns, the doctors having to peal the skin off of her healing burns…. was amazing.

I believe that if we allow it, we can learn so much through our children. We can learn about life, and love, and Christ, and so many things. Sometimes we go through the fire, sometimes we have trials and tribulations, sometimes life is so painful and hard and we just don’t understand and don’t know what to do. And during those times, God is right there with us, guiding us one step at a time. Our attitude throughout the process makes a big difference in where the process takes us. I want to choose joy in the midst of trials. I want to choose to seek out the positive in what feels like a completely negative situation. I want to allow God to mold me and shape me and give me his endless joy through all different types of experiences I walk through. I want to be like Rienn and choose to focus on the positive, even when I am hurting. And I will be the first to admit that I do not always do that.

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James 1:2-3
Consider it pure joy my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. 

11 thoughts on “Walking Through Fire”

  1. Your daughter is such a strong girl. I agree, we can learn a lot through children and their attitudes. Thanks for your post!

  2. I know it’s hard to watch your child in such pain but during those times, God is with us! The little girl has really come out strong!

  3. It is really painful to watch young kids go through problems in life. But on the positive note, she will become confident and much more mature in dealing with such things in life.

  4. I completely agree with you on that our attitude depends highly on how things turn out for us . For that reason, I like to keep a positive outlook on everything 🙂

  5. You have such a pretty little daughter. Thank God she is ok. Children are very strong and we as parents do not always realize how strong they are as we always want to protect them.

  6. Oh my gosh, I can’t even imagine the fear when hearing your child screaming like that. I hate when my kids hurt and there’s nothing to do. It sounds like she handled this all like a champ and probably better than many adults would have!

  7. When things are rough, it is hard to just think positive. I love that we can learn so much from children. You got a strong girl there and so glad that she was able to get through that incident.

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