Supermom… Not

So… while I love being organized, and even love the act of organizing things, I have no idea how to get started when my entire house is completely unorganized. Remember when I said to ask me if I regret leaving all of my housework for when I was a stay at home mom? WELL I DO! Shocker.

I don’t even know where to get started! Every single room needs uncluttered, reorganized, and purged. And I need to find a way to do that while my three kids are tearing apart my progress. I have made a list for every room in my house of what I want to get done. A very detailed list. I was thinking that would help me start to tackle this. Well, instead of helping me, I now have what is more like a BOOK staring me in the face, as a daily reminder of what I did not get done.

Any other moms out there want to be superwoman? I mean, most of you probably actually are… I personally know some of you superwoman moms that have me in complete awe of all you manage to accomplish. But it turns out I haven’t figured out how to be a super hero yet. So I have decided to accept that it isn’t going to be quite as easy as I had imagined to get my house where I want it to be. I am expecting too much out of myself, and because of that I end up doing nothing. I have to feed the kids breakfast, get schooling done with Charlie, drive Rienn to preschool two times a week, make sure Sawyer is not getting into the garbage, or eating random things she finds all over the house, or climbing on top of dangerously tall objects (she alone is a full-time job, so adventurous she is,) feed the kids lunch, make it to any activities we may have going on with our co-op, try to have play dates every now and again, try to keep up on laundry and dishes, keep the kids from killing each other, make sure the kids get bathed, make sure at least every once in a while I get bathed…. you know, just normal every day things. On top of all the regular things, I am expecting myself to go from cooking very rarely, to 5 times a week. I am expecting myself to get my house in tip-top shape after letting it get slightly out of control during remodeling and knowing I was going to be jobless and have ‘so much time.’ Honestly… I sort of was just expecting myself to turn into some magical housewife over night. Like, hello, I am a stay at home mom now… why haven’t the magical powers set in yet?

So now I need to find a more practical, reasonable way to get my house where I want it. According to my husband, selling the house and starting over isn’t practical, and according to my mom, throwing all our things away isn’t reasonable. So thanks to those two, I am stuck actually making a real plan. I need to set smaller, super easy to reach goals so I feel like I am actually accomplishing something.

I decided to start with my bathroom because that is a small area that can be done pretty quickly. I completely cleaned it and organized it and love how the closet turned out. I haven’t decided what to do next. But I am going to figure something out, because my house still hasn’t started cleaning itself yet, and it really does feel so good when things are in order. Wish me luck and send any tips you have found, especially if they are magical =P

My sister sent me this a while back and it just seems fitting.


Colossians 3:23
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.

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  1. When I was a single mom in college with 2 full time jobs, I just tried to make sure to start my day off with a prayer as small as, “Lord, I leave this day to you. Whatever I get done, I get done. Whatever I don’t, I don’t. I put it in your hands! You gave me this day. It’s all yours!.” And then at the end of the day, just look to see if I even got one thing done! Praying counts!!! Even if it is the only thing that got done… trusting in God is EVERYTHING! <3
    Me and God have faith in you! Trust Him with what doesn't get done! <3

  2. Yep, it’s crazy–when I worked full time and the kids were hyenas (this is a legitimate description) I managed to accomplish so much. Since putting the job on hold to homeschool, I feel as if nothing happens (although I’ve managed to paint most of the house interior, so there’s that…). Keep a running list of the things you HAVE accomplished–it helps to see what you’ve done in the long run on the days when it feels like Toddlernado has torn everything to shreds. Also, sounds like you’re already doing this, but start small. Clean out one drawer each day even if NOTHING else is completed.

    One other thing–don’t be afraid to involve the kids. They can help more than you think. (Try hiding pennies under piles of socks that need to be matched…my mom used to do that and we thought it was amazing. Although, compensating for inflation, you probably need to use nickels now…)

    1. I LOVE your advice to keep a list of things that do get accomplished. Such a great idea. And I would agree that hyenas is a legitimate description! Haha. And the pennies in socks! His cute. My kids would definitely expect a quarter, the older one at least. I love it though. Involving the kids is a great plan… even the times it feels like it may not help much, it helps them learn and feel responsible and helpful.

      1. Yep, and you’d be surprised how quickly they learn. Even if you’re handing them plates and directing them where to put them, eventually they get it. It took about 5 years for her to get it (partly because she was just downright belligerent) but my daughter can load the dishwasher perfectly. When we started, I handed her items and directed where to put them. Then she was in charge of the top rack items (which I usually rearranged while she watched). Once she could load the top rack with little direction (and once I was less concerned about dropped dishes) I taught her to load the bottom rack. Now, she does it all herself.
        Any kid over 2 can help move clothes into the dryer, especially if you have a front loading washer. Even if you don’t, you can hand them the clothes to throw in.
        They may complain if they’re not used to it, but trust me, kids with chores are happier in the long run! 🙂

  3. Absolutely LOVE this!!! This could be me writing this & I’m 1000’s of miles from you.
    That message from your sister is hilarious!
    Tips? I have no tips…you’re one up on me, you have a husband!

  4. Being a mom is no easy job! I find that it helps to pick one room per day and tackle that. Have 4 boxes: keep, toss, donate, move. Anything you want to keep in that room but may need out of the way at the moment goes in the keep box. Anything that is beyond use or repair goes in the toss box. Anything you don’t use anymore but still has life left gets donated. And anything that doesn’t belong in that room goes in the move box. I also try to get my kids involved. They are 3 and 5 and have chores such as taking all dishes to the kitchen, keeping their playroom and bedrooms clean, feeding the cat, putting their laundry away, etc. When they get involved, they feel accomplishment too and tend to help keep it clean.

    1. I love this idea! I am going to try the box thing out, sounds really simple and a like a great way to help organize each room you’re working in. And I agree, I try to involve my kids and really need to do it more!

  5. I too have thought about selling and starting over or getting rid of everything. Lol. I don’t really have a solution. I have a day that I focus on each day and hope that enventually it will get to a place where I want it.

  6. Being a mom it seems like we never have a moment of doing nothing. There’s always something to be done or someone to take care of. One thing I’ve started doing is taking time for me every day. In return, it’s helped me manage everything and everyone better. I gave up on being supermom. One day at a time, you got this girlfriend!

    1. Yes! That is so true to how it feels. There’s never spare or free tome. I have been doing the same lately, I touched on that in my blog post called ‘Shift.’ I have been waking up at 6, which usually gives me and hour to an hour and a half alone. It’s been so beneficial

  7. I often try to find or make time for myself and somedays I am able to get 5 minutes but others days I am not able to at all and it is very exhausting. I always try to keep in mind who I am taking care of and that I am there for my daughter.

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