Sawyer Grace

Sawyer Grace turns one! We weren’t able to celebrate her birthday how we had originally planned, due to her being sick for so long off and on, but we did do a little family birthday party for her the day after her birthday.

January 25th, 2018

This sweet girl has been so fun to watch grow. She is independent, stubborn, so funny, and becoming more and more of a lover every day. I think my favorite part of watching her grow though, is watching my husband’s relationship with her grow. Of course they have had their ‘daddy/daughter’ bond since she was born…to an extent. But as she gets older, and becomes more of a daddy’s girl, it is so sweet to watch. She lights up so much when her dad gets home from work, and tries to leave with him almost every morning.

These kids just grow so fast. I have to stop and remind myself to never cease praying for them. Never stop praying over their decisions, their hearts, their minds, their friendships… just everything. We want the best for our kids, and we want to see them thrive and make the best possible decisions in life, but we don’t have control over that. What we do have is a Mighty God who cares for them more than we ever could, and He has promised to listen to us when we cry out to him.

Psalm 127:3
Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him. 

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