Run, Michelle, Run

You know what I like to do when my house is a huge disaster? Run away to my mom’s house. This has happened a lot lately… as my husband does some remodeling and I am having a hard time keeping up with that along with the regular household chores. Plus… I only have a few more weeks of work left. So I apparently decided I will have enough time once I am no longer working to really focus on catching up on the house. [Ask me later if I regret leaving all of this work.]

So instead of facing the mess, the monstrous mess that inhabits every room of my house, I run. I go to my mom’s, and enjoy the put together, peaceful environment. The anxiety and stress of being in my crazy house is gone for the day and I can relax. It is a wonderful thing, and lucky for me, my mom lets me come over and hang out as often as I want.

But guess what? Eventually, I have to go home. We need to see dad when he is off work, we need to get ready for bed and go to bed. So at the end of each day, I am back home, no longer relaxed and free from the anxiety I am feeling from the messy house.

This happens to be the same for different ‘messes’ in life. We can block them out, we can focus on other things, we can run from them… but at the end of the day, there they are staring us in the face. These things don’t go away on their own. We have to actually do something about them. As much as I would love to come home from my mom’s house one day, to a perfectly clean and orderly house… it just isn’t going to happen.

The example I can think of in my own life right now, is this recurring dream I have. It has to do with a situation that played out in my life a few years back. I feel like the situation has been resolved and I am totally over it. But this dream that won’t stop coming tells me otherwise. So I often wake up, after having this dream, think about it for five minutes, then decide I will deal with it later. I don’t have the mental strength or energy right now, too much going on. So I run. (Mentally not physically =P) But it always comes back to the same dream, the same thoughts that maybe I have some bitterness or un-forgiveness in my heart that I need to deal with.

No matter how much we want these things to just disappear on their own, they won’t. We have to face the music. We have to face it head on. One step at a time. Just pick up one toy at a time, just put away one load of laundry. Before you know it the house will be clean yet again.

As for me, I think I need to actually go spend some time praying about this recurring dream.

Mathew 11:28
Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 

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  1. An honest account of what can be a daily daunting issue for done. It’s good that you recognise a solution to make steps towards achieving that clean house! But at least you’re spending quality time with your mum

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