To The Girl Who Feels Stuck

First of all, I need you to know... that is a lie. You are not stuck. There could be any number of reasons you feel stuck. You are in love. You couldn't imagine life without him. You are too afraid to start over. There is no way you could find someone else, and maybe he… Continue reading To The Girl Who Feels Stuck

Motherhood Isn’t Pretty

Motherhood isn't always pretty. There are a lot of pretty, and nice things about it. But it isn't always so. For example, I just got home from a camping trip, and the baby and I are sick. This is what gets posted to social media: But in reality, it looks more like this: The house… Continue reading Motherhood Isn’t Pretty

Believing a Lie

Have you ever struggled and struggled and struggled with something that you felt that maybe you shouldn't be struggling with? Like, a lie for instance? You have believed this thing about yourself, or your situation, or your spouse, or your kids, or your friends, or whatever else? Do you know how to get rid of… Continue reading Believing a Lie

To The Mom Who Is JUST

To the mom who is just waking up, hours after your husband went to work. To the mom who is just making sure the baby has a clean diaper. To the mom who is just finally getting caught up on laundry, after so many weeks. To the mom who is just finally getting a few… Continue reading To The Mom Who Is JUST

Homeschooling…Why? (2)

In my last post I explained how I came to the decision to homeschool and my biggest reason why. If you missed that and would like to read it you can do so here. There really are so many reasons, and I am going to talk about some of them, but not necessarily in order… Continue reading Homeschooling…Why? (2)

Homeschooling…Why? [1]

As soon as someone hears I'm homeschooling, the first thing they want to know is why. After that, no matter how well thought out your reasons are, they are worried about your kids social life. I touched on that here. Now, I would like to touch on the why. It's really quite complex. Maybe not complex,… Continue reading Homeschooling…Why? [1]

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yesterday was my birthday. I am officially in the last year of my 20's. My 20's have been crazy. It has been a crazy 9 years. I have had 3 children, been divorced and remarried, started a career and ended a career, became a stay-at-home mom, bought my first house... those are just some of… Continue reading Happy Birthday to ME!

Dear First Born

Dear first-born, Just thinking about beginning this letter to you has me choking back tears. You and I have been in this together the longest. You are the one who first made me a mom. I had always dreamed of being a mom, but I could have never imagined how much love would fill my… Continue reading Dear First Born

A Day in the Life…

Today... was one of THOSE days. One of those parenting days where like... you cry a lot. Just warning you, I am going to just be raw and honest here. I mean... if you haven't figured out that I am that way, you will here and now. The day started pretty good. Everyone woke up… Continue reading A Day in the Life…

Intentional Parenting

"I will never be like my parents." "I will not be the type of mother/father that I had." "I will not treat my kids how my parents treated me." "I will NOT do _____ like my parents did." Have you ever thought or said something like that? So many of us have. And then so… Continue reading Intentional Parenting