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I don’t know what it is about Sundays…. but it turns out that they are my most insecure day. My mind is like ‘oh, yay, it’s Sunday. The one day you want to look nice. The one day you actually care about putting effort into how you look, and what clothes you are wearing. The one day a week you really want to feel and look good. I am going to make sure that doesn’t happen.’ Every. Single. Sunday. Without fail! Why? WHY?!

Well, I am not sure why. But here is the down-low on my insecurities. I have had three babies in the last almost 8 years. My body does not look like it did 8 years ago. SHOCKER, right? Not only does that happen over the span of 8 years anyway, add in having 3 kids and of course you aren’t going to look the same.

I expected my body to change from having babies, but that is another thing that you can’t really be prepared for in a realistic way, everyone ‘changes’ in a different way. At least that is how I feel about it. I didn’t know exactly how it was going to change, I just knew that it wouldn’t be the same. The part I really didn’t expect, was for it to change again after baby number 3. I figured I would lose my baby weight and get back into my pre-baby clothes and all would be well. Well… I lost my baby weight and I can get back into my pre-baby clothes, but I sure don’t look good in them. All my nice Vigoss jeans that I love so much, and have been dying to wear again… nope. Quite a few of my shirts that I have been waiting to fit again….nope. I mean, I can fit them, but they no longer look good, I no longer feel good in them.

The good news is the pre-baby clothes fit. The bad news is, they don’t fit well or right. I guess that also has a side of good news though… time to go shopping. (That is only good news if you ask me, not my husband.)

Basically, I just want to let you know, if you have had a baby or three and your body just isn’t going back to how you expected it to I GET YOU. You aren’t alone. Having babies really changes things in so many ways, and sometimes your body just doesn’t go back to how it used to be. And guess what? That’s okay. It’s okay to be insecure about it, and it’s okay to accept it and decide you are going to rock your mom bod. That’s where I am.

You will forever get to say that your body changed in order to bring in the most amazing, precious gift, and it is such an awesome miracle. That makes it totally worth it. I can look at the changes my body has faced and after grumbling for a while, and feeling insecure… I can remind myself that three humans grew for over nine months inside of me. That is AMAZING. The price of saying goodbye to my Vigoss jeans, and accepting the fate of mom jeans… well, it has been worth it.

So mom jeans, here I come.

Song Of Solomon 4:7
You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.


7 thoughts on “Mom Bod”

  1. It’s amazing how much the body changes during pregnancy and afterward. During my second I developed major thyroid issues and had to have most of it removed last year. I fit in some prebaby clothes but not others.

  2. I’ve only had two children. My body changed drastically after my son (baby no. 2). I couldn’t lose my huge stomach and it has been so annoying. I’ve since hired a trainer after 8 long years and I am finally getting back to the size I desire. One thing about me, I refuse to accept my body in the size and shape that it is. I am not sloppy, just holding more weight in all the right places except the tummy area. I am sure you’ll find the perfect clothes that compliment your style and size now. Best wishes! -Nat

  3. Your body is yours after children whether it is the same or not. That is definitely something I had to come to terms with but you definitely get to go shopping which is a plus!

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