Believing a Lie

Have you ever struggled and struggled and struggled with something that you felt that maybe you shouldn’t be struggling with? Like, a lie for instance? You have believed this thing about yourself, or your situation, or your spouse, or your kids, or your friends, or whatever else?

Do you know how to get rid of that lie?

Expose it for what it is. It is a lie, and a lie can’t live in light, because light drives out darkness. And a lie, that is darkness.

Drive that lie out of your life by exposing it, and replacing it.

Replace it with the truth.

You believe you aren’t cut out for this mom gig? Expose this lie. Those kids you have…they were given to YOU, because YOU are cut out for this mom gig. YOU are the best mom for those kids.

You believe you aren’t worthy of love? Expose this lie. The price has been paid for your past. Your sins have been forgiven. You have been given a fresh start. YOU are lovable. YOU are worth being loved. YOU are enough.

You believe you need to clean up your internal messes before coming before God? Expose that lie. God wants you NOW as you are. Not later, when you’ve cleaned up. He wants to clean you up, He wants to be a part of that process.

You believe you need a drink? You have been sober for almost a year but the urge is just too strong? Expose that lie. You are victorious. You do NOT need that, speak the truth, expose the lie, and guess what? You have overcome.

If you are believing something that isn’t true, the best place to start is to stop keeping it a secret. Find your confidant, someone you can trust, and talk to them. Expose the lie. Sometimes that is all it takes to have a shift in belief. If nothing else, it is a starting point.

Lies lose their power over us once they are exposed for what they are.

If you don’t know where to start, or who to reach out to, I am available. Whether I know you or not. <3

John 1:5
The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. 

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  1. Love this Michelle ❤️ One of the most impactful things to understand is forgiveness. If God forgives us, then why don’t we forgive ourselves? All it takes is belief and a heart towards growth.

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